What Are The Main Activities Of A Call Center Or Customer Relationship Center?

The activities of a call center fall into four categories: calling, receiving calls, emailing and finally chat. These four major parts require different qualities, organizations and training.

Let’s start with the definition of a qa call center. According to definitions-marketing, a call center or call center consists of a set of telephone workstations and tele-operators intended for telemarketing actions. Originally, a call center processes incoming and / or outgoing calls. The name of call center is a little dated and is logically gradually replaced by that of customer relations center which has the merit of evoking other contact channels that the phone (email, chat, etc.) and highlight the relationship aspect.

The Emission Of Calls:

Emission Of Calls - Call Center

In call broadcasting there are several categories. The collection of information, prospecting, advertising, and finally the revival. After-sales or after-sales services are increasingly solved via webcall back.
The collection of information represents three groups that are survey, survey and file qualification.

Prospecting is divided into three groups: customer acquisition, telesales, appointment making.
Advertising involves the detection of projects and the creation of traffic.
Service or after-sales service often triggers an outgoing call when an end customer opens a malfunction ticket.

Calling is especially important in the commercial aspect. And allows for many companies to increase their turnover. For this we will rely on different CRM

Receiving Calls:

Receiving Calls - Call Center

In receiving calls there are several groups. Technical service, retention, after-sales service or service.

Regarding the technical service, there are several levels of answers. In general, there are three of them. The bigger the problem, the higher the level with which one comes into contact.

Retention is one of the essential services in the customer relationship. The customer calls to cancel, delete or cancel a contract or an order. In this case, he must make offers that will keep him.

After-sales service or service as the name suggests is a contact to the customer post-sale. It may be a misunderstanding or a malfunction.

Receiving calls is becoming more and more a tool for upselling or crossselling. Transform a disgruntled customer into a customer who buys more. This is the biggest challenge of receiving calls.


Emailing- Call Center

Emailing groups all sectors of the program and the reception of calls. In the digital age, customers want to avoid waiting and premium rate numbers. Some tools allow you to stay in touch with your customers. Mailchimp for example. Some messages are automated, others need to be manual. This tool, even if it is not fully democratized in France, becomes an essential tool for the customer but also the supplier.


Chat - Call Center

In the digital age Chat is now a common tool. Whether in presale, during the sale or after the sale, the presence of a chat allows the customer to be reassured. It is never a level 2 or 3 solution. On the other hand, for global and general information questions Chat is a good compromise. It is also often an automated tool. It is also used in websites for FAQs and how it works. It can also be a simplified outsourcing tool.


A call center or customer relations center can intervene at different times of the customer service. Pre-sales, during the sale or after the sale. A call center or customer relations center can intervene at different times of the customer service. Pre-sales, during the sale or after the sale. Whether internally or externally, many companies use telemarketing. Why use a customer relationship center or call center? Often this solution and chooses because of the costs. It should be known that offshoring is much cheaper than having internal resources that must be paid at the end of each month. If today much of the customer service is outsourced to a contact center, new jobs are created. But also new types of training. It is mainly about employment and training in the qualitative framework. The regulation as well as the increase in skills of the various actors and employees of these call centers allow today optimum achievements and unprecedented results. This publication about Call Center Quality Assurance was first appeared on https://callcriteria.com/


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